Tamil Chennai Girl Sona Kandiyar Whatsapp Number Chat Friendship

Tamil Chennai Girl Sona Kandiyar Whatsapp Number Chat Friendship
Tamil Chennai Girl Sona Kandiyar Whatsapp Number Chat Friendship

Hello friends, my name is Sona Kandiyar. Today I am sharing my Tamil Girls Whatsapp Numbers here. I belong to Tamil Nadu India and living the city of Chennai. So, I want to clarify that I am looking for friendship and a life partner online. For this purpose, I have joined this website.

Before this, I have joined many other dating websites and share my Whatsapp Number and complete profile there. There I have also made many friends, but I am for a special one. Who will be my life partner and we will spend a happy life together.

When I joined this website, I did not get any response on some days. But after a few days, I got so many friend requests and  I was amazed to see it. Now I have many friends on this website. I have also shared my complete profile with photo and Whatsapp Number. My profile title is Tamil Chennai Girl Sona Kandiyar Whatsapp Number Chat Friendship.

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You can understand better, what I want. Now I want to tell you something about me. I am a simple and honest person and also well-educated. Every girl has a dream of finding an honest and faithful life partner. I have also the same dream. Therefore I have joined many websites and searching for a life partner for many months.

This website is great hope for me. Because I am getting here a positive response from everyone. And I have also to other girls, who have already profile on this website. Many of them have found their life partner on this website. So I have hope, I will also find my life partner very soon here.

If you want to talk to me, then contact me on my Whatsapp Number that I have shared here with my profile. I hope, you will message me soon and we will try to know each other.

Complete Social Profile

First Name: Sona

Last Name: Kandiyar

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Date Of Birth: 16/09/1990

Language: Tamil, English

Religion: Hindu

Whatsapp Number: +91-9565943267

Company: Vodafone

Occupation: Student

City: Chennai

State: Tamil Nadu

Country: India

Email: sonakandiyar433@gmail.com


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